About Us

The Gallery Society has been recently founded by two University of Edinburgh Joint-Honour students in December 2020. Our goal is to hold an annual art exhibition to showcase the student artists at our University – promoting their work not only to other students, but importantly to the public as well.

We want to create opportunities for students who would like to learn more about the business side of the Art Industry and gain some valuable experience in helping to run an art exhibition.

When setting up the society, we knew we wanted to create a platform that followed in the footsteps of the promising emerging art scene that deconstructs the stereotype of an ‘elitist’ gallery setting. Our society promotes all forms of artwork, from music, to poetry, to fine-art or film. It would be a privilege to help share and showcase your work on our page!

Due to Covid-19, a gallery exhibition in the summer may be impossible to achieve but throughout the year we still hope to promote students and their creative work to the public.

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully we will see you at our socials and our exhibition sometime in the near future.

Hope you all stay safe and well!

All the best,

Holly and Hanna, President and Vice-President of the Gallery Society