Exhibition Review

As we begin to return to normality the art world welcomes the long awaited reopening of its Museums and Galleries. This project is made for student creatives who would like to add to, or start a portfolio of critical art writing. There are no deadlines for your submissions – just get in touch by DM on Instagram @edigallerysociety or email us via edigallerysociety@gmail.com!

Edi Gallery Society would like to encourage all formats of writing – whether that would be poetry, script or lyrics! As long as it is relative to an exhibition or art in general, we’d love to share what you come up with.

Danele Evans – Julie Curtiss Monads and Dyads


‘I was able to notice my own artistic interests in her work…and it is this relatability that I think drew me further into her world.’

Danele Evans

Holly York – Memories and Visions: Abstract art and its ability to transport the viewer


‘Arch-like shapes and intricate brush work go hand in hand in order to capture a sense of archaic spiritualism; whilst more instinctual brush strokes echo a distinct feeling of freedom that Rowan experienced during her travels.’

Holly York

Hanna Rechnio – Fritters of memories, shapes and colours: the unsolvable puzzle – childhood.


‘The selectivity of our brain, parts of a puzzle we desperately want to make sense of. The simplicity of the sketches which magnifies the feeling of entering a kid’s mind. I am truly moved by what I saw at The aTAK Gallery.’

Hanna Rechnio